Pollution skaidrės

Air pollution rasinys. Air pollution skaidres. Water pollution rasinys. Pollution rasinys.

Skaidrės apie užterštumą ir teršimą. Pollution. how would we can save the earth? Types of pollution. Noise pollution. Air pollution. Water pollution. Solid wastes.

Polluting air, water, soil, destroying crops and animals did not think that we dying ourselves - the people. We all need to contribute to nature conservation and wait until the nature of our wrongs done to correct others. So everyone let's start from ourselves - let us be so close to our live animals and birds, rivers and fly the various fish, grow trees. Protect your future!

Less use of electronic devices, Do not contaminate the air by burning trash, Apply chemicals means less, Make your own non-toxic cleaning products, Use cloth bags instead of plastic, Explore the idea of purchasing energy-efficient appliances, Set up a compost bin, Grow an organic garden, Reduce the use of car travel, Reuse clothing, Clean or replace air filters on your air conditioning unit, Use recycled paper, Compost your vegetable scraps, Minimize pesticide use.

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  • Pollution skaidrės
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