Population and drinking water shortage worldwide

Population and drinking water shortage worldwide.

In a way our modern society might look like an utopia for some reasons. From a perspective, productivity levels are high, the higher amount of states are economically balanced and mostly every person has a place to live in. But when you get deeper into every country’s inner politics, you get to know, that the whole world is nothing like utopia.

There are many different factors, causing destruction on Earth, called global problems. The main global problem, causing others, is overpopulation. For many centuries the amount of people, living on Earth, was balanced. The mortality and fertility rates were much different from nowadays. As life gets more comfortable, the environment becomes more suitable for breeding. And that is the exact moment, when life becomes too comfortable and people are reproducing too fast. The overpopulation causes shortages of many resources, but the biggest shortage known – drinking water shortage. Average person does not give much effort to rethink this problem. We live in a comfortable place, we get as much water as we want. We flush drinking water down the drain, not even thinking about people, who have to drink it from the bogs. While Lithuania is topping among First World countries in resources of drinking water, the Third World countries, such as South Africa, India or South America, are suffering from scarcity.

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  • Population and drinking water shortage worldwide
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