Position of Welsh Language

Position of Welsh Language.

The Welsh language is an ancient one, directly descended from the Indo – European languages of the sixth century.

The development of the Welsh language through the years has been interesting, and it remains closely linked to the languages of Cornwall, Breton in France and Cumbria in England - other areas of the UK and Europe which have fought hard over the years to maintain their identities.

The reason for this was largely the Industrial Revolution, which saw people moving about the country in search of jobs. This resulted in some Welsh-speakers being isolated in English speaking areas, and Welsh being diluted in natural areas because of the influx of non-Welsh speakers.

In the 20th century people began looking seriously at the rate at which the use of Welsh was declining, and a number of efforts were made to help to preserve the language e.g. the political party Plaid Cymru, the setting up of Welsh language radio and television stations and the changes to the education system which meant that the language was taught in all Welsh schools.

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