Practice praktikos ataskaita anglų kalba

Introduction. Type of enterprise. List of Lithuanian legal acts applied in the enterprise and purpose. Characteristics of the enterprise. Description of enterprise activities. Environment in the enterprise internal and external (external connections, internal organizational structure). Objectives of activities of the enterprise economic and social. Scheme of formulation of aims. The main distinction social objectives are. Production manufactured/Services provided. Purpose and quality. Standards and kinds. Certification of production. Management in the enterprise. Organizational structure. Its analysis. Functions of management. Functions different units. Functions of employees. Motivation schemes for employees. Job description of manager in the enterprise. Work ethic of manager in the enterprise. Conclusions. Reference literature.

For cognitive practice was chosen this company, because it is not a big company and it is possible to become better acquainted with Ltd. ‘’Rixa’’ activities and get to know employees. But the main motive for the choice was the potential for the future employment in the company.

Aims of practice:

•solidify theoretical knowledge gained in College combining development of practical skills and self-education as well as solidify professional competencies;

•develop sense of duty, responsibility, mindsets and communication skills;

•become familiar with the processes and aspects that cannot taught in higher education institution in relation to the latest technology, behavior in the workplace, communication with clients, professional environment, the real decision-making, etc.;

•develop skills gained, to gain of new skills and competences;

•relate studies and theory with real work practice;

•learn specific professional language;

•evaluate weaknesses and strengths of the student.

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