Praktikos ataskaita angliškai (Londono universitetui)

Anglų praktikos ataskaita. Praktikos ataskaita angliškai. Londono universitetui.

I am writing reflecting lab report about my work experience in Middlesex University Fitness Pod. The purpose of this report, like was said in the task, is:

1 – link academic learning to work experience providing an opportunity to apply and develop professional skills.

2 – reflect upon areas of knowledge relevant to placement experience and develop personal knowledge through a review of my learning.

3 – report on experience and learning in a concise form that is easy for reader to understand.

5 – document evidence of placement experience in the form of a learner diary. (Middlesex University (2012), SES1242 Professional Skills Development & Work Experience)

You could ask why I decided apply for my placement in this area. I would say: “because it is good start for my career”. The gym has been working for more than half a century, so people who work there have a lot of experience. By this time gym was reconstructed and now in this fitness pod you can find therapy room which includes holistic, shiatsu, head and neck, sports massages, one of the few in the UK real tennis clubs, also here you can get a personal training consultations. All facilities at Hendon include the Fitness Pod, Fitness Studio, Therapy room, 2 outdoor Multi activity courts, Astro Turf pitch and Real Tennis Court. I was working in the Fitness Pod. It houses some of the latest gym and cardio-vascular equipment.

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