Pre - school and pre - primary education in Denmark

Pre-school and pre-primary education in Denmark. Content. Denmark. Pre-school and pre-school education. Working hours. Education program. Lillekilde kindergarten. Objective. Composition of Children. The Nurseries. The Middle Group. Kindergarten. In Lillekilde are six learning themes. In Lillekilde is learning themes. Being Outside. Daily Schedule.

Denmark Pre-school and pre-school education Working hours Education program Lillekilde kindergarten.

Municipal (kindergartens) institutions; Private schools; Private day care centers; Free schools; Preparatory (Pre-school) class.

Most of the time children spend outdoors, even in bad weather. Sleeping outdoors in special houses.

Attentiveness and Presence Trust Professional and Personal Development Co-operation Play and Learning Acknowledgment Democracy.

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  • Pre - school and pre - primary education in Denmark
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