Pre - school education in Lithuania

Preschool education in Lithuania. There are two historical aspects for pre-school education. First kindergartens were. The kindergarten was. From. In 2003 when the Law of Education legitimized pre-primary education alongside pre-school education.

There are two historical aspects for pre-school education:.

Preschool education as a form of help to child and family; Preschool education as a part of education system.

First kindergartens were established: in 1837 in Germany;in 1855 in the USA;in 1863 in Russia. The first kindergarten In Lithuania was established in Klaipeda in 1847. Lithuania is marking its 170th anniversary this year.

The kindergarten was legitimized by the Law of Kindergartens and Children’s Playgrounds on 13th January, 1936.

From 1940, pre-school education has been referred to as a constituent part of general education, the purpose of which is to help a child prepare for school.

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