Presentation AB Achema

Introduction. Development. Activity, Business form. History. Development. Location of the company. Branches. Structure of administration. Employees. Foreign partners. Annual turnover, profits. SWOT analysis. Perspectives. Conclusions. References.

Our aim is to present Joint Stock Company “Achema“ and to collect information about it. Our work is based on the activity, business form, its history and development, dislocation of this company as well as structure of administration, employees, foreign partners, annual turnover and profit, perspectives and ways of motivating the staff.

This company is the largest producer of fertilizer in the Baltic states. It was interesting to get to know more about this company and it could be useful for us in the future. In our opinion, it is good to know about the biggest companies in Lithuania, because our profession is office administration and we should understand the main objectives in the development of the company.

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