Presentation of tour operator Novaturas

Presentation of Tour operator NOVATURAS. Leisure travel to. Sightseeing bus travel. Cognitive air travel. Exotic trips. Skiing. Last minute travel. How to book? Information for tourists.

I think most important question for traveller how to buy a trip? So when you choose and decided which country you want to visit you are automatically directed to order this trip. Then you will see all important information about your trip: how much this trip will cost, what is included in the price, what flights, travel time, Room type, meals, how many adults and children can go in this trip. Then you have to fill the form with your personal data, and then you will see section “additional services” which include: power plane reservations, plane catering book, sporting equipment by air, special greeting on the plane, and flowers in hotel room. Settlement takes place over the internet by credit card, and all the necessary documents and completed your request NOVATURAS will send through e-mail.

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  • Presentation of tour operator Novaturas
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