Presentation ‚the towns of Europe‘ Austria

Climate. Traditions and customs. Sightseeing places. Neujahrsschießen " New Year ′ s Salute. Rd of April is St. George ′ s Day. St of May is called Philippinacht " St. Philip ′ s Night. St of June. July The  25th of July is St. Jacob ′ s Day. November The  11th of November is St. Martin ′ s Day. Th of December is St. Nicholas ′ Day. Food and Wine. The Alps. ‚ Vienna Opera House ‘. ‚ Schönbrunn Palace ‘. Hotel ‚ Sacher in Vienna ‘. Price per night 1126Lt. Hotel ‚ Das Tyrol ‘. Price per night 686 Lt. ‚ Grand Hotel Wien ‘. Price per night 1100 Lt.

Built in 1870, the Grand was the first of Vienna's luxury hotels. Back then it wowed its guests with lavish rooms and presidential treatment, and it has carried this level of service into the 21st century.

Fortunately the bathroom fittings have been updated since 1870 (the last overhaul took place in the 1990s) and now the Grand accommodates the latest in modern facilities while still exuding plenty of its original charm. The lobby, a majestic work of art, is testament to this; giant red carpets protect chequered marble floors, palm trees stoically guard graceful columns, a double staircase reaches to the mezzanine floor and chandeliers hang over the entire scene. Rooms are individually decorated, with even the standard variety sporting antique pieces - although it must be said, compared to its Ringstrasse competition, the garden-variety rooms are on the small side. Suites, however, are basically large, enough to accommodate all the President's men. Also within the hotel's walls are two top-class restaurants: Le Ciel, a French specialist, and Unkai, a top Japanese establishment. Price per night: 1100 Lt

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