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Presentation. Varėna. The town was founded in 1862 near the , 4 km south of old Varėna. Varėna - Library. Library was established. Šv. Arkangelo Mykolo - church. The church was built in 1893. The church has a folk architectural features. Merkys - River. Merkys river length. Pamerkiai is most popular Varėnos village. This is the most popular place in Pamerkiai. Baltulio Hill. Old School. 100 years ago, this house was a primary school. Mushrooming. From the month. Mushroom Festival. Mushroom Festival - This is a traditional festival takes place Dzūkijos Varėnoje. The End. ?

Library was established in Varėna 1947. It is the only library in Varėna. District libraries read 9443 readers, every year they visited over 163,379 visitors, the funds accumulated 199,522 documents, employing 53 staff, of which 25 - rural branches. It is celebrated annually on January 13.

The church was built in 1893. The church has a folk architectural features, cross-plan, one tower, the apse three-walled lobbies. The churchyard fence of wooden structures.

Merkys river length is 203 km. Varėna and Merkys is a very popular tourist destination. Tourists summer hires kayaks and swims Merkiu. Merkys the icy water, even in summer, the water temperature is absent plush. Water is the hottest in the evening, when the sun's rays during the day hot. Merkys is one of the cleanest rivers in Lithuania. Merkys has a variety of fish fauna.

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