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Anglų skaidrės. My woodworking company. About my company. First, i will give you some basic information. Years ago i. First i. After half a year i bought 3 trucks for logistics and employed 10 people. The quality of. After some years I had a good business plan – I started to produce furniture. Last of all, I want to look at my future plans. So that is. Thank you for your atention.

10years ago i bought a small plot near my town and thats how my business started.

First, i was looking for cheaper timber, i have started buiying it and selling. Thats how i earned my first money. I was succesful.

The quality of my wood products was high, became of a new equipment. So everything was perfect.

Last of all, I want to look at my future plans. I got a European Union support recently and now I’m thinking to open my own big furniture shop, soon.

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