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Lithuania. Elektrenai - city of electricity. Elektrenai – municipality of beautiful villages. Elektrenai – municpality of 101 lake. Elektrenai municipality provides services for residents and business. Elektrenai municipality budget. 18,3 mln. , euro. Elektrenai municipality partners. History of heat supply in elektrenai municipality. Construction of heat production boiler plant in elektrenai. Timeline of works. project was initiated in september. Advantages of the project. Kazokiskes cogeneration power plant. House renovation and new construction in the municipality of elektrenai. Thank you!

Elektrenai: experience in the field of renewable energy sources.

Population 3 mln. At the Intersection between North, East and Central Europe Member of EU, NATO, UN, WTO.

In Municipality, there are 2 cities – Elektrenai (13 700 residents) and Vievis (5 200 residents) Semeliskes Settlement 276 small villages.

Total area municipality – 51 thousand ha. Only 5 per cent of it is urbanized Agricultural land 51% Forests 29% Water bodies 6% Other land 14% 101 lake Elektrenai Lagoon is third of the bigest lagoon in Lithuania.

Services for residents: Health care National defense Licenses and permits Education Law enforcement Transport Declaration of place living Social security Energetics.

Services for business: Manufacture and trading Statistics Archives Registers Licenses and permits Company taxes Registration of a new companies Real Estate, Sertificates.

Elektrenai municipality budget 18,3 mln., euro.

History of heat supply in elektrenai municipalityvievis town: till 2011 heat supply – gas fired boilerselektrenai town: till 2015 heat supply – 150mw unit of lpp.

INNOVATION 2010: Elektrenai – Vievis heat supply line construction 2012: 1 MW cogeneration PP in Vievis. Fuel – waste dump gas 2015: 40 MW biofuel boiler plant in Elektrenai.

After the implementation of energy efficiency measures in apartment buildings, energy consumption was reduced 50 percent. From the savings are covered building renovation costs.

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