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NORWAY is a perfect place to do business. About norway. Flag description. Geographic Location of Norway. Country facts. Why in Norway? Economy. Tax system. Rich in resources. Some world-class industries. Competitive values and structures in work-life. Traditional food. Secular celebrations. Norway – great place.

Norway is known for different and beautiful nature attractions.

Population: Norway ended 2013 with a population of 5,096,000 people. Capital: Oslo People: 86% Norwegians, 2% Sami people, 12% other. Languages: Official language – Norwegian. Currency: Norwegian krone (KON) Government: Constitutional monarchy. Head of Kingdom of Norway: Monarch.

Safe country Good general level of English Politically stable country Have a strong economy Have a small population.

Norway has a very strong economy. GDP (Gross domestic product) per capita is the second highest in Europe. The Norwegian State owns the world’s biggest investment fund.

First and foremost, these are oil and gas.

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