Problems of the planet

Rasinys problems of the planet. Problems of our planet rasinys. Planet issues referat. Littering mokslo baze. Rasinys our planet. Problems of the planet - rasinelis. Problems of planet - rasinys. Problems of our planet skaidres. Problem of our planet skaidrės.

Anglų rašinys. People said, that nature is our home. Yet now we have discovered thet our planet is under threat. To make mathers worse it's our fault. Surce as: water pouttion, litter, destruction of trainforests, air poluttion, drought and some more. The rainforests are dying, rare plant and animal species are disappearing, rivers and seas are being contaminated, crops are failing to grow, people are dying. Birds and animals lose their homes and die. Factories are polluting our rivers and lakes with dangerous chemicals. Tons of industries and domestic waste. Car issues fumes course allergies and breathing problems.

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  • Problems of the planet
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