Product. Plan. What is a. What is a product? A product is. How product differentiation is created. Establishing a strong brand image (personality) for a good or service. Product classification. A product can be classified as building materials or intangible. A second. Product model. A manufacturer usually provides an identifier for each particular type of product they make. By association. A product line is a group of products that are closely related. Packing. Packaging carries out. However the. Guarantees. Production and trade practice shows that the company benefit from the sale. Product-related customer service includes several areas The information. Assortment. The range - the goods or services are formed by certain characteristics. Thanks for attention.

A second type in this is services. Services can be broadly classified under intangible products which can be durable or non durable.

Packaging carries out physical functions. It protects the product against mechanical damage, for a long time keeps its characteristics, allows the buyer to provide a comfortable amount.

However, the package performs trading functions: provide information to the buyer about the product (labels) attracted his attention (design) allows self-select an item, enabling quick settlement with customers (bar codes).

Product-related customer service includes several areas: The information, how to use the product, The product delivery to the buyer, Technically sophisticated product connection, Maintenance, Spare parts and repairs presentation.

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