Profession anglų rašinys

Profession anglų rašinys.

In Lithuania there are many popular professions . For example, an engineer, a doctor or a teacher and are rather popular professions. Every profession requires special knowledge from the person and also qualities and skills.

To become a good doctor a person must love people. The doctor must have a great knowledge, be ready for the most difficult situations also must be attentive and responsive .

In other countryes also like in Lithuania the most popular professions are: doctor, programmer, jurist and psychologist. These professions are very demanded and well payed

There is a lot of professions in the world about which not everyone knows . For example like: oceanographer, garbology. Oceanographet - a specialist in the study of the ocean floor . Garbology - a specialist in the garbage area.

At this moment in Lithuania there is the unemployment . People don’t want to work for a small salary and emigrate to other countries where is the job more paying. Or sit at home ant live on money which the country pays them.

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