Project Planning and Scheduling Methods

Business management techniques for engineers Project Planning and Scheduling Methods Ass 4 of. Contents Page. Project management History. Project planning. Project Goals. Project resources. Project schedule. Human Resource Plan. Communications Plan. Risk Management Plan. Human resources. Communication and control methods. Information Needs. Project costs. Direct costs. Indirect costs. Gantt chart. Network diagram , Critical path. Project duration. Auto Scheduled. Project overview. 122 days. Thu 16 04. Fri 02 10.

In this assignment I will have to demonstrate the abilities of project planning and scheduling methods to an engineering project. I will use the MS Project Software which allows to plan and follow projects more easy.

As I am a project manager for automotive company, I will have to project an extension to the existing manufacturing building and a new production facility installed. I will have to through all the stages of project planning: project resources, human resources, implementation, communication and control methods, project costs.

Project management history started when the ancient Egyptians constructed the pyramids, which was 4500 years ago, then followed by Sun Tzu, who wrote about planning strategy of battle 2500 years ago. Then numerous transcontinental railways were constructed during 19th century and buildings of different sizes and complexity.

However, only later in 20th century people stated to talk about project management. When the industrial revolution started, management science evolved, there was developed various processes, techniques and tools, which was critical to project management.

Project Goals. First step in project planning is to set the goals of the project, this is done by arranging interviews with the project sponsors, the customer, the user of project outputs and project team. Once the goals has been established, they should be recorded in the project plan.

Project schedule. For this part of the project would be perfect to make a Gantt chart using MS Project software.

The most important resource to every project is the people or I could say the project team. When planning a project the first thing in HR Management is to identify all the project roles and responsibilities.

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