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Project task of the foreign language english. Come to the Banquet. Seeking Wisdom in a Genetically Engineered Earth.

Genes transferred to another plant artificially, it is not a natural process and so called genetically modified. Cell division process is also referred to as genetically.

It used to living organisms as a major energy and nutrients (nutrient) source material and is usually of plant or animal origin.

to human health and the environment may cause intentionally or recklessly release or placing on the market of GMOs, tracing.

So far, no one can say how the future of GM organisms affect human health. After all, we eat products that are neither human nor natural creations.

GM crops raise more extreme environmental conditions (drought, cold, saline soil, etc.), So it can be grown on infertile soils;

Many scholars argue that there is a sense in which we become what we eat. However, the analysis for eating and drinking as the energy conversion is only one method. In many religions, covering Christianity, having collective eats has a deep religious meaning. How, then, can we get closer to the very rapid changes that take place in genetic engineering of food? It encroaches on our religious sensitivity in this area? I had argued in this paper that we have in particular become much more familiar with the details of the type of genetically engineered food, which is going on. Secondly, we have become much more conscious of road food features religious understanding of the reality of us to attend to the proper assessment. At a time when there are many dimensions to the latter, which I was able to explore, I decided to focus on the biblical invitation to maitinčiausi and I drink, most notably an invitation to a banquet of Wisdom.

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