Projektas apie Sahara (flora ir fauna)

Introduction to the desert (geography. A brief history of The Sahara. The Sahara’s nomads. Fauna. Flora. Ending the report. Bibliography.

I suppose that we all have a view now where The Sahara is located and what countries are surrounding this mysterious place of our beautiful Earth. Enough of geography!

As a student from a programme called ,, Natural and Cultural Heritage Management” in this report I would like to tell people why I chose this corner of the world to write a report about, also to state the most interesting facts about history of Sahara, animals and plants there, as well as to point out peculiarity of specific species.

The reason I wanted to represent Sahara was – this place is always mysterious and interesting. Not everyone has an idea about what kind of animals or plants live there, some people are still asking: are there people who still existing? I am going to answer all the uncertain questions!

But are people live there? Could You imagine yourself living in a place which is panting with heat? Staying in the Sahara for one hour makes your body lose one liter of water! You are always sweating there and that is how your body starts losing a huge amount of water. That can cause a dehydration. In 24 hours without any water we all can die. If anyone of us gets lost in the desert of Sahara without any water, I can 100% assure that nomads can help us because they are welcoming and open-minded. Keep in mind that most of them have their tents (dwellings) around the Acacia trees.

Bedouins who move region to region throughout all the desert. Of course, there are people who live in kind of modern countries I mentioned before, such as: Egypt, Western Sahara, Algeria, Libya and Mauritania. The population of Sahara is about 4 million.

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