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Deutschland. Germany – an Overview. Allemagne. Alemania. Germania. ألمانيا. 德国. Германия. Version - January. เยอรมนี. Overview and Introduction. Flag Three horizontal stripes in black, red and gold. Geographical Location. Landscapes in Germany. Faces from Germany. Population. Total population 82,5 million incl. Million women. The Economy „Made. Political System - Overview. The Political System. All about German Food. Sports in Germany Soccer – the National Sport Handball Cycling Tennis Golf Wintersports. Schloss Neuschwanstein. Ulmer Münster. The German language. The German stereotypes. Germans eat a lot of sausages There are over. Germans are very. Germans are cold. Germans are workoholics At work really productive Seperate working life and free time. Germans drink a. Thank You! Vielen Dank!

Total population: 82,5 million incl. 42.2 million women.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) since 2005.

Member of the UN, NATO, OSCE, World Bank, IMF, among others.

Germans eat a lot of sausages There are over 1,500 kind of sausages A German eats 60 kg of sausages and meat every year In Bavaria they eat Weißwürste for breakfast.

Germans are very punctual It is considered to be inpolite if you are not on time Better 15 min early than 1 min too late.

Germans are cold and serious Germans are not as open than for example southern cultures Germans need more time to open But then we are really warm, nice and funny.

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