Protestantism in England

Introduction. 2p. Origin of the name. 2p. Characteristic protestant principles. 3p. Popular Protestantism. 4p. Protestantism in England. 5p. Wycliff. 6p. Henry viii. 6p. Edward VI. 7p. Mary. 8p. Conclusions. 8p. References. 10p.

In this report the origin of the Protestantism was explained, the characteristic protestant principles were sorted out, the history of Protestantism in the 16th century during the rule of different kings was analysed. The most important person of that time, Henry VIII, was mentioned with his all done job and the purpose to do it.

The main data and information were found on Internet, on different sites. Also, the books about the History of Britain were used to sort things out.

The Protestant sect of Christianity was founded on the fundamental differences from Catholicism. Protestants believed that justification by faith allows for salvation, not faith and good works. Contrary to the Catholic Docterine, Portestantism promoted the idea that all believers have equal access to God-- therefore it is not required to be a priest for divine interpretation of God's word.

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  • Protestantism in England
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