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Informatikos projektas. Project plan. Short Description. Title and its Members. Result. Users. Justification. Aims. Schedule of the Project. List of the Activities. Gantt Chart. List of Resources. Plan of Risk Management. Changes of the Plan. Requirements specification document. Project teamsters. The problem of the user and project justification. Project aims. Client. Buyers. Other interested parties. Users. Requirements. Requirements for solution. System creating terms. System creating budget. Terminology. Functional requirements. Non-functional requirements. Requirements for systems appearance. Requirements for usefulness. Requirements for working characteristics. Requirements for system maintenance. Requirements for security. User scenarios and use-case diagram. System prototype. Data diagrams. User interface diagram. Data flow diagram. States diagram. Table. Action-solution tree. There was no system requirements lacking after finishing the diagrams. Therefore no action-solution tree is necessary. Project‘s output. Existing solutions. User documentation and training. Perspective requirements. Changes of Requirements. Testavimo planas. Testavimo proceso apžvalga. Testavimo tikslai. Testuotinų sistemos funkcijų ir savybių sąrašas. Netestuotinų sistemos funkcijų ir savybių sąrašas. Testavimo atvejai. Testavimo rezultatai. Vartotojo dokumentacija. Sistemos administratoriaus vadovas. Vartotojo vadovas.

It will be created flash game playable on browser. Game purpose is to catch potatoes as many as you can. It will be a possibility to play for two players.

We are creating a simple fun „time-waster“ game, which do not consist of any nudity, strong language, gore or other innapropriate content. Because of that our game does not prohibit or restrict any type of user and it‘s available for everyone. Although our user is not specific, we are leaning towards young-middle age man who has occasional free time and prefers spending it while surfing the internet.

The problem of the user is that carefree browser games like these are either short or get bored after a short time and there are too little of them to choose when you‘re done. We also chose the „meme“ style based on public demands on them as „memes“ are very popular these days and can bring huge popularity when they‘re put in other medias. That‘s why we decided to support the community of the users and a demand of memes and create a new browser „time-waster“ game – „Catch ALL the potatoes!“ with a popular „meme“ character – „x all the y“.

We're aiming for our game to work on any internet browser (Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Opera, ETC.) and to bring the best game-play experience to the user.

The purpose beyond the game is to promote simple, fun and carefree way to „kill time“ in order to reduce stress at work or to provide alternatives to negative or harmful ways of time-spending. Also, reducing stress at work or dedicating a few minutes of relaxation between the tasks is scientificly proved to improve brain functionality and workflow.

Contact information:

Analyst – xxx, a student of Multimedia and Computer Design at VGTU, responsible for preparing the requirements specification document, creating a prototype, preparing the system administration and the user guides.

Programmer – xxx, a student of Multimedia and Computer Design at VGTU, responsible for preparing the design document, implementing, defending and testing the program.

Tester – xxx, a student of Multimedia and Computer Design at VGTU, responsible for preparing a testing plan and testing the program.

Our user can be any age, sex, race or political views, although, we are mainly focusing on a young-middle age male who likes spending time on the internet as our top priority user. He functions as a player of the game. He experiences the mechanics, the story and the design of the game directly. He can have none to high experience in the field, so he can be either novice or professional. Same stands for his IT knowledge. In this case our game-play will either be focused on novice level players or be divided into difficulty levels to satisfy both.

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