Public transport in USA and Europe

Introduction. America vs Europe – Public transportation. Summary. Words. Public transport systems. the US vs Europe. Summary. Words. Reasons the U. S. Ended Up So Much More Car-Dependent Than Europe. Summary. Words. Sources.

Europe and USA transportation system is very different. Europe has a great transportation system. America is very dependent from cars. To make the switch to public transportation would be very difficult in USA but with the increase in consciousness about the environmental impact that people would welcome the change. In Europe there is no issue to survive without the car because it is common to travel by bike or by train. They have an excellent train system. The main difference between USA and Europe is the amount of cities serviced by the train system. In Europe many of even the smallest towns had a train station. Car provides many conviniences but if you don’t or can’t have a car in Europe there is a working system in place that makes it completely doable

Even USA‘s top 10 cities with best transport system are still far behind Europe cities. Rail transport system is much better developed in Europe than in USA. In USA trains are slow and late. Some Europe trains average speed is 140 mph while America‘s fastest rail line trains averages only 70 mph.

Investments in public transportation systems in USA continue to decline. USA invests only 2,4 % GPD while Europe invests 5 %.

To reduce - make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size

Purpose - make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size

Why Is Transit In Europe and Asia So Much Better Than Transit In the United States?

To reduce air pollution USA government uses ony technological fixes — such as catalytic converters, reformulated cleaner fuels while European countries encourage behavioral shifts by aggressively reducing speed limits in entire neighborhoods, creating car free zones, reducing car parking, and implementing other policies. Governments supports transit systems in Europe while in USA many privately owned transit systems went out of bussiness because the help from government came too late. Another reason why Europeans tend to drive less is because they walk and cycle more than Americans. Many European cities have entire networks of bike lanes, separated cycle tracks, off-street bicycle paths while only few USA cities have that. And the last reason why Americans use car more than Europeans is because trips in USA are longer. It is because residential zone in Europe can include doctors' offices, cafes, corner stores, or apartment buildings while single family residential zones in the United States typically forbid those uses.

Unsustainable – not able to maintained at the current rate or level

To penetrate – succeed in forcing a way into or through (a thing).

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  • Public transport in USA and Europe
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