Qualities needed for certain professions

Anglų skaidrės. What Skills Are Employers Looking For?. No. 1 Software Developer. Basic computer and science skills. Passion for code. Fearless refactoring. Vision. Teamwork. Business acumen. No. 2 accountant. Business minded. Project management. Organised. Creative. Flexible. Honest. No. 3 dentist. Active listening. Empathic. Humourous. Patient. Knowledgeable. Manual precision. No. 4 mechanical engineer. Adaptable. Creative. Practical. Patient. Able to work independently and in a team. Eye for detail. No. 5 surgeon. Accurate. Careful. Able to work under pressure. Motivated. Disciplined. Quick and efficient. All in all,. Copyright infringement.

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  • Qualities needed for certain professions
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