Quantum teleportation

Quantum Teleportation. Words. History of traveling. But what‘s next? What‘s the basic idea of teleportation? History of quantum teleportation. How does quantum teleportation work? Can we teleport big objects? Applications and possibilities. References.

Dematerialize an object (translate an object to data) Send its precise atomic information to another location Reconstruct an object.

It is possible, but not with todays technology To complete a successful teleportation every single particle has to be identically reconstructed Human has 10^28 atoms Physical body, memories and all the information that is contained within a person is 3,02*10^32 GB of data Every atom needs to be entangled, read and digitized. To complete these processes in order to teleport a person with todays technology would take 4,5*10^18 (4,5 quadrillion) years.

Near future: quantum computers Far future: replace networks, no vehicles, no infrastructure for vehicles, less expenses for countries, improved space exploration, colonization of other worlds, etc.

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  • Quantum teleportation
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