Railway engineering Abstract work

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Introduction. Development. Current situation. Narrow gauge railway history. References.

My goal - to analyze how the railways evolved. And what is most important, I will try to provide not only Lithuanian railways in different periods (ranging from evolution, to the future plans, prospects), but also in more developed countries by rail.

In 1851. Czarist Russian government adopted a resolution on the St. - Petersburg - Warsaw Railway. This section of the railway Daugavpils - Vilnius - Kaunas - Kybartai (bars) was started to build in 1858.: Near Vilnius to carry out the first test works, accessed, what surprises will come across a railway line. In 1862. March 15. opened a train from St. Petersburg to Vilnius from Riga to needles. This Lithuanian railway history began. After a decade in 1873. Line Petersburg - Warsaw and then started to build Lentvaris - Romny (Ukraine) and was associated with the then Russian the only ice-free port of Liepaja. Klaipeda port, which belonged to a strained relationship with the Tsarist Russia for the former Prussia, remained on the sidelines. Prussia, having the interests of the Russian Empire in the Western provinces, sought not only to build railways in the Klaipeda region (on the eve of the First World War in the Klaipeda region was 135 km and 120 km of public private 1000mm narrow gauge railways), but also to connect them with the Russian side of the former railway. Tsarist Russia did not give consent. The nineteenth century, the public traffic opened 96.4 miles of Jelgava - Mazeikiu on the road and in the light of the Tsarist Russian military needs, built Polese (sometimes called Pagirio) Railroad. The current Lithuanian territory Polese railway remained only 50 km section section of Vilnius during Jašiūnai, ŠALČININKŲ to the state border and large Polese Railway Authority palace in Vilnius Mindaugas g.12/14 (now AB "Lithuanian Railways Administration Building).

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