Railways. Brief story. Pre-Steam. First in the World. First in Europe. Age of steam. Electrification and dieselisation. Railway maintenance. Railway tracks. Maintenance. Flange oilers. Stoneblower . Railways in Lithaunia. Railways in Lithuania. Interesting facts. Facts. The End.

Common maintenance jobs include changing crossties, lubricating and adjusting switches, tightening loose track components, surfacing and lining track to keep straight sections and curves.

First wide railway St. Petersbur-Warsaw section in Lithuania was built in 1861. While building this railway section, 21 train station was built. Back then it tooked 2,5 hours to travel from Vilnius to Kaunas.

Today in Lithuania trains are mainly used to transport cargo, the passenger sector is poorly developed.Between Kaunas and Vilnius, there is an electric train line.

Today, Lithaunian railways are all over the countrie. There is 1775,3 km of railroads.

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