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Rašiniai apie facebook. Kindergarten rasinys.

Facebook rules the world. Anglų rašinys apie facebook.

I’ve chosen this topic because it is an urgent problem for nowadays people. I think I shouldn’t tell anyone what is Facebook, because most of people know what is it. Even my Grandparents do. Many of us have an account in Facebook. Some of us have even more than one or two... Even my little cousin who is 3 years old haves it. Her mom created it for her. I don’t get, why are people so obsessed with it. They create a Facebook account for their newborn babies or little kids. Couple days earlier I noticed that there is a man who’s wanting to be my friend in Facebook. I’ve opened the tab and it was my little cousin. He’s just six years old, and he’s still in the kindergarten, he doesn’t even know how to read or write, so how could he create a Facebook account by himself ? I think that creating a Facebook account for little kids is a huge problem. Setting their birth date, their living place. Facebook already has a huge pitfall for privacy. And more and more people are making it larger and larger. The other huge problem is that people feel no limits, their posting their private photographies, videos or even worse. They’re posting other people private information or smear them. Facebook has a lot of problems. I was talking to my friends and one of them said that she saw, that one person posted a picture of a burning candle onto a person’s who have died Facebook wall.

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