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    Ištęsnių studijų MTI-4 gr. Will present my special snack recipy „Teaspoon“ for special occasions. My special snack recipy. You will need. ~200g Salted salmon. First step. And then take some spices to marinate the salmon for few minutes. Second Step. Take the leek. Third Step. Take a look at your salmon, it should be ready. Decorating. Take a big plate, if you want you can place it with salad leafs. After you complete decorating all ur spoons with cavier and parsley. Its time to. The End. Hope you enjoyed it.

I will present my special snack recipy „teaspoon“ for special occasions, it takes only 15 to 20 minutes to prepare it and also it is tasty and also doesn‘t have alot of calories. Lets dont waste any more time and start with the recipy.

~200g Salted salmon ~50g Some leek 2-3 Boiled eggs 1 red bell pepper (also can be chilli pepper) 1 Garnet Some mayonnaise And some dill 1 Lemon (for decoration) Spices Eatable teaspoons Red cavier Parsley.

Take the salmon and cut it into small pieces about 1mm pieces.

If you want you can use more salt. I offer you some curry, lemon pepper and some soy sause if you like it.

Take the leek, red bell pepper, dill and also cut it into as smaller prieces as you can.

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