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Food Recipes. . Work presented by. Snack Lavash rolls Hot meal Spaghetti with tuna Dessert Coffee ice cream. Lavash rolls. Ingredients. On clean table cover lavash, spread cream cheese on lavash. Spaghetti with tuna. Boil spaghetti. 200 gram spaghetti. Whip the cream. 400 ml. whipped cream 1 can condensed milk 100 ml. Thank you for your attention. .

On clean table cover lavash, spread cream cheese on lavash, lay out smoked salamon, thinly cut pickles and twist roll. Wrap rollen lavash to food sheet and and let it stay in fridge for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes or more nicely cut and decorate with olives and fresh greenery. This is how lavash rolls are made.

1 lavash 1 packet cream cheese 100 gram smoked salamon 3 pickles Some olives Greenery.

Boil spaghetti, while spaghetti is boiling in the frying pan with hot olive oil we need to add chopped garlic, chili pepper, cherry tomatoes and tuna.

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