Recycling Rūšiavimas

Recycling Rūšiavimas.

So, today I‘m going to talk about recycling. And I‘m going to present my opinion about that. So let the speech begins.

Recycle is necesseary because it‘s the one of the best way to have a cleaner world. Most people don‘t know how important recycling is for our nature.I was given a chart to study. It illustrates common habits of recycling. 33% of respondents said that they had never recycled. 24% of people who been asked sayed that they sometimes recycle bins. Other people use recycled bins. The minority of respondents recycle old paper, glass or plastic. In my opinion because recycling is inconvenient. People don‘t want to put in the extra effort and it takes a lot of space. Other people who been askes says that they recycle only bins, old paper, glass or plastic.

What‘s about recycle in my area? Let‘s past to the next question.

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