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Rekomendacinis laiskas anglu kalba stojančiam į verslo mokyklą. To whom it. May. Concern.

I am writing this letter to offer the formal recommendation for Miss XXX to your business school. As the personnel manager of the XXXX, I have known Miss XXX for twelve months and I believe that she would be a deserving candidate for the business school program.

As Miss XXX supervisor , I can attest that she is a dedicated and a very motivated emloyee who is sure to excel in everything she does.

In her position as a consultant and my assistant, Miss XXX is required not only to deal with different types of clients, she is also expected to do some basic managerial decisions: to communicate with suppliers, to square accounts as well as to take care of new products advertising decisions also to do time sensitive tasks such as to timetable staff. With her enthusiasm and dedication she has not only fulfilled but also has exceeded our expectations.

She has strong organizational and time managing skills which are essential to be able to function exceptionally well, even under intense pressure.

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