Relations with other people

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Relations with other people. My dream house. Health. Food and drink. Hobbies. Education. Traveling. We live among a lot of people. We get along with one of them, however we disagree with others. All people are different and our relationship with them is different too. To begin with, the first people with whom we make acquaintance are members of our family. Talking about my family i think that we could set a good example of a very happy family, because we all take care of each other, treat with respect and appreciate and rely on each other. When we are together we always joke, share news, console and just agree. My relations with my sister are good. We have the same circle of friends who still can’t believe that we are sisters because we get on extremely well and we don’t split up with each other. My sister is very important to me. She shares her experience, often helps and encourages me. Our relationship is harmonious, strong, close and special, because only i can completely rely only on my parents. I know that they will always love and support me if i get in a trouble. And to my mind it is very important for children to know it. However, not in all families are so warm relations. In a lot of families parents argue, fight, drink and not take care of their children. Sometimes parents break up, because of different problems. Then it’s a shock to their children even if they are still small. In childhood we look at our parents as at authority so it is really sad when our dreams of a normal family wreck. But on the other hand, it is better to live some time in an disappointment than under pressure of rows.
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