Rene Magritte referatas

(1898-1967). René Magrite. (1898-1967).

In 1927 Magritte opened his first exhibition, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. After that he went to Paris and spent here several years. There he communicated with Max Ernst, Dali, Paul Eluard. While he was living in Paris, his painting manner of painting had changed. It became more technical- with clean draughtsmanship. They become unthinkable, unreal.

He was fond not only of painting, but also of philosophy, literature and cinema. Attracted by images, he was interested in cinema, the totally surrealistic media. He organized short films with the help of his friends: humor, surrealism, dreams were all applied. These films always remained private things.

He was difficult painter and his policy is misleading. He was offering something else for us, new ideas. Painting was exclusive. He chose ordinary things from which to construct his works- like trees, chairs, tables, shoes, people. He wanted to understand all these rdinary things. ("The simplicity in his work is a suspect simplicity.)

He is well known by his funny and snappy paintings. In these works Magritte shows daily things but in strange tone or environment. Particularly was interested in reality and images problems. I like the way he searching different unexpected resolution in order to make people fell some kind of stress or tension. Sometimes it is unexpected because we weren’t ready to see one thing or another in such kind of expression. He was denying things which he was painting providing to them different meaning.

Word or view variance made influence to viewer’s minds. In this case, the most exciting painting series was named “ It’s Not a Pipe” , where he had painted a pipe and wrote near the painting denying, that it’s not what you see. I like the way he provoke the viewer with his denying and different meanings. Watching his paintings you fell confusion and disturb, when you try to match painting and his title. You fell confused, because you can’t find any strong base, which let you say, that text is clear or wrong. Where are only interpretations.

14. Issue  svarstoma problema, ginčijamas klausimas; ginčo objektas; ginčas;

22. Conjure  rodyti fokusus/pokštus nepaprastai greitai/lengvai padaryti/surengti (t. p. conjure up)

24. Preconsciousness conscious  sąmonė pre-  pref iki-, prieš-; iš anksto, pirma; iki;

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