Reported speech Why study?

Reported speech. Differences between Lithuanian and English. Changes of tenses. Changes in time/place. No changes. Homework. Reported verbs. Word order in the English sentence. Žodžių tvarka klausimuose. Special questions. Reported questions are introduced by verbs ask, wonder, want to know.

Original statement Here Now This/that/these/those Today Tomorrow Yesterday Last week Next week ago.

Reported statement There Then The That day The next day The day before The week before The following week before.

‘ I love her’, he says. He says he loves her. 2. If we tell general truth: The teacher said, ‘September 1st is the first autumn day’. The teacher said (that) September 1st is the first autumn day.

We can use reported verbs instead of said and told Promise (pažadėti) Refuse (atsisakyti) + to inf. Offer (pasiūlyti) ‘I’ll be home early’ He promised to be home early.

Advise (patarti) Ask (paprašyti) Beg (maldauti) + sb + to inf. Order (įsakyti) Warn (perspėti) ‘Don’t go near the fire’. He warned me not to go near the fire.

My sister suggested buying the dog a new collar. My friend promised to look for my hamster. The attendant (tarnautojas) advise me not to put my hand in the cage.

My mother threatened to give the dog away unless someone took it for a walk. 5. The warden (prižiūrėtojas) warned us not to go near the snake. 6. The children denied leaving the gate open.

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