Revolutionary paper tablet

Content of pictures. Introduction. Invention. Basics of PaperTab. Advantages of PaperTab. Disadvantages of PaperTab tablet. Conclusion. Sources. Questions. Words. Picture 1. Flexible touch screen of PaperTab. Picture 2. PaperTab tablet like a sheet of paper. Picture 3. Using of PaperTab. Picture 4. Cable connection of PaperTab tablet.

There were two main companies – Plastic Logic and Human Media Lab (HML) whose were working together and invented PaperTab. Now about both companies:

To sum up, text mentioned above, I can say that the main advantages of the PaperTab are:

Despite all advantages mentioned above, there are some disadvantages. First of all PaperTab is still just conception, so maybe it will never comes to customers. As well it is quite expensive technology of Paper tablet. One more disadvantages, that PaperTab is plug to cables (Picture 4). Of course maybe in the future it would be sorted out. In my opinion, it is hard to judge gadget before launching to customers.

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