RLC circuit analysis

RC circuit analysis. 50 hz ac. Because we use reactive resistance in the calculations. RLC circuit analysis. The calculations were performed by the MS excel using given formulas.

Learn how to calculate an AC circuit, consisting of a series joined R, L, and C receivers.

To get acquainted with phenomena of voltage resonance.

This work consists of two parts. In first part we will investigate circuit consisting only of active and capacitive (RC) elements, the second - we will investigate a circuit consisting of active, capacitive and inductive (RLC) elements.

Research object is series connected resistor R8 (R8 = 1 kOhm) and capacitor C2 (C2=4.7 μF), which are mounted in the module KL - 13001 block E. Circuit will be connected to 9 V, 50 Hz AC voltage source.

Assemble the circuit shown in the Figure 4.1. Voltage in the capacitor C2 (UC) and the voltage in the resistor R8 (UR), you can measure with multimeter. Using the above formulas, calculate the voltages and parameters of the individual element:

Connect the voltmeter and measure voltage of the power supply, resistor R8 and capacitor C2.

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