Romantic novel Nicholas Sparks Dear John

Introduction. Part I. Acquaintance with the book and author. Authors purpose. Plot. Characters. Part II. Major themes. Belief in God. Sexual need. Patriotism. Love and sacrifise. Illness. Part III. Family relationship. Positive aspects of the book. Negative aspects of the book. Conclusions. References.

„Dear John“ is a well-known romantic and at the same time heartbreaking novel written and published by Nicholas Sparks in 2006. The book is simple to read because is written in a firs-person narrative and the story seems very real. The story is about a young and angry rebel named John, who dropped out of school to be in the Army, where he could fight for his country and also show glory and honor. John didn‘t know what to do with his life until he met the girl of his dreams, Savannah. The attraction to each other grew into love that was hard, because of the time John being in a duty, Savannah missed him alot. That is why they wrote letters to each other with the begginings „Dear John“ and „Dear Savannah“. But everything changed after September 11th when the terrorists hijacked planes and hit the World Trade Center in New York. Johns patriotic duty caried on and he felt that he needed to be in Army for more time until everything went down, but unfortunately Savannah felt inlove with someone else because of the constant separation in their relationship. So everything changed and they had to make very difficult choises.

Nicholas Sparks has a hypnotic way of writing. Every line touches the bottom of the heart, but the narrator does not reveal everything till the end. The writer revealed a sad ending in the beginning of the book at the opening chapter, so the all wonderings how the book ended had become clear, but still exciting. Narrator started the book with a bit of sadness and sorrow, that is why reader could already understand that the relationship has fallen apart. Also alot of attention in the book was given for the sick father who had an Asperger’s syndrome, a disorder resembling autism. And sons understanding of the fathers disorder makes the novel softer and more exciting to read and understand.

The charactors of the novel were honest, full of pasion and support for each other. Their manners were held on their values and the innocence inspired, but also were people who faced real temptations and had too many weaknesses.

The main aim why I have chosen to write analysis of this book is the success of the book. Nowadays people like reading well-known to the world books with good reviews. Because most of the time these books do not dissapoint the reader and bring good emotions and excitement.

The tasks of the analysis are: 1) to tell about the author, the characters, summary of the book; 2) to point out major themes of the book; 3) to tell the relationship between parent and the child.

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