Introduction. Roof definition. Types of roofing. Roof‘s form. Roof insulation. Bitumen roofing. Types of bitumen roofing. Conclusion. Resources.

I chose this topic because some of it I know from experience. But I wanted more recessed knowledge and perhaps give a lot of information for you. These days, construction work is very advanced because there is a big choice between building materials and construction methods. Roofing situation is the same. Everyone can choose between the roofing material or roof shape. Of course your choice will depend on the price and quality of materials. So, as you understand, my project title is "roofs" and I will speak about roofing and the insulation.

In conclusion I want to say that this project gave me the opportunity to learn more about the construction work and especially on roofs. And I believe that this information will be useful in the future. So these days are many ways to cover the roof and all the roofing material is good and have more advantages than disadvantages.

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