Rufolf Diesel

Rudolf diesel, inventor of the diesel engine. History. Rudolf diesel biography and career. Biography. Professional career. Inventor findings and works. Invertor findings. Invertor works. Diesel engines work. How diesel engines work. Diesel engines main elements and mode of operation. Main elements in a diesel engines. Diesel engine: mode of operation. Development. What is value of this invention today. Conclusion. Task. Active vocabulary. Task. Write and answer the questions. Sources.

Internal (existing or happening inside an object or building) – vidaus

Wax (the sticky, fatty substances of which bees makes their cells) - vaškas

Manner (a way in which anything is done) - būdas

Replacement (to put, use in place of another) - pakeitimas

Nozzles (a narrow end-piece fitted to a pipe) - purkštukas

Diesel engines are using in trucks, submarines, locomotives, trains, automobiles, electric generating plants.

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