Rural Tourism in Lithuania

Rural Tourism in Lithuania.

Lithuania started developing rural tourism not that long ago. Its been over 15 years since the first and the most important association for countryside leisure started working in Lithuania. LKTA (Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association) began their job in 1997. At that moment they had only 17 farmsteads in whole Lithuania.

Here you can see some of the main goals of the Lithuanian Countryside Tourism


• To represent the interests of the Association members against any and all institutions and organisations;

• To coordinate activities of the Association members in developing rural tourism in Lithuania;

• To arrange workshops, conferences, fairs, methodical aids, information booklets on the issues of operation of the Association and its members;

• To improve the Association members’ qualifications and arrange training sessions within the country and abroad;

• To analyse demand for rural tourism services within the country and abroad;

• To cooperate with analogous organisations in the Republic of Lithuania, other

countries and international organisations and become a member of these organisations;

• To participate in developing and analysing new draft laws of Lithuania governing activities of the Association and its members.

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