Rūta sweets company

Introduction. Company history. UAB „Rūta“ stores in lithuania. Institutions that cooperate with UAB „Rūta“. Ouality and food safety policy. UAB ,, rūta“ products. UAB „Rūta“ products according to individual orders. Conclusions. Used literature.

Map shows that the UAB „RŪTA“ stores are widely located in Lithuania. Most stores are in the following regions: Vilnius, Šiausliai, Kaunas, Biržai. 1-4 stores is in Palanga, Klaipeda, Alytus and Tauragė etc. That‘s means that UAB „RŪTA“ Is popular for its production.

Sweet business gifts with company symbols - activity reflecting the composition of chocolate, sweets sets with company logos, or other sweet Souvenirs - a great souvenir gift, to clients, colleagues and business partners.

Chocolate bars individual design package - high-quality black, milk and white chocolate tiles, which can be of a variety of additives: pepper, olives, various herbs - an original gift for taste connoisseurs.

Stylish white chocolate "Sweet cards" - decorated with edible paint sweet gift for relatives, which may be the desired wishes, views, or even photo.

Chocolate figures, sculptures, compositions - a thematic celebration chocolate figurines will not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone loves chocolate, especially if it is - not a simple tile, but exclusively produced chocolate miracle.

Promotional sweets (candy wafer) - with individual design labels fit for any celebration, promotional campaigns, events, exhibitions, shops and office visitors guests.

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