Salvador dali skaidrės

Salvador dali. Contents. Salvador Dali was a Spanish surrealist painter. Early Life. Salvador Dali showed. Madrid and Paris. Gala. Moustache. Salvador Dali's work. Filmmaker. Writer and book illustrator. Jewellery designer. In 1969, Dali designed the logo for Chupa Chups lollipops. Salvador Dali worked up until his death in 1989 from heart failure.

Early Life Madrid and Paris Gala Moustache Salvador Dali works.

Dali was one of three children His brother, also called Salvador, had died nine months before Dali was born His parents believed Dali was the reincarnation of his dead older brother He was the son of a wealthy notary.

Gala – an emigrant from Russia. In 1934, Salvador and Gala were married. Gala became Dali’s companion, muse, and even model for some of his paintings.

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