Sara Paretsky

Biblijos pasaulio atgarsiai mero romane "lygiosios trunka akimirka". „biblijos pasaulio atgarsiai mero romane lygiosios trunka akimirką“. Ice hockey referatas.

Sara Paretsky. Deadlock.

Vic Warshawski is a woman to be reckoned with - a professional detective with a personal interest in her current case. She's tough, beautiful, carries a gun - and goes on asking questions until she gets answers. When her cousin Boom Boom, a former ice-hockey star, dies in an accident by falling under a ship, Vic is naturally upset. She wants to know how and why the accident happened. Warshawski convinced he was pushed and starts investigating those at his new job at the Eudora Grain Company. So Vic goes on asking questions and isn't satisfied by the answers she gets. Suddenly another murder quickly follows, and some rather strange accidents. But Vic has a very personal interest in the case. Nothing is going to stop her. Vic begins a long and frustrating search for her cousin’s murderer. In the course of an investigation that takes her to a remote Canadian port city and a calamitous trip on a sabotaged freighter

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