Say hello to Euro and goodbye to Litas

Say hello to Euro and. Say goodbye to Litas. Litas history. Old litas. Litas. Euro history. Countries which have euro. When Lithuania got euro? What is better Litas or Euro? Very sad that Lithuania has already said goodbye to litas and hello the euro. Thank you for attention!

Say hello to Euro andSay goodbye to Litas.

Enter the litas Lithuania 1992. it was not necessary, since, as well as the Ruble are impaired. Therefore, distancing themselves from the ruble, it was decided to introduce a temporary currency - the stamps because litas "compromise" had not wanted. 1992. 1 October. Began to circulate vouchers, Lithuania and out of the ruble zone. 1993. 25 June. Enter a new independent Lithuanian money - Litas, which has become a legitimate state monetary unit.

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  • Say hello to Euro and goodbye to Litas
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