Sea port of Kaliningrad

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Introduction. General description of the port. Port restriction. Measures of loading and unloading. Kaliningrad’s ports and terminals. Kaliningrad sea commercial port. Transbaltservice terminal. The state fishery port. Lukoil’’ terminal. River port. Kaliningrad oil terminal. Baltic oil terminal. Conclusions. References. Additions.

The port is a closed or semi-closed water area that contains chores and harbors, where ships can dock, be loaded and unloaded. It is used for transferring people and cargo to or from land. The port holds a very strong role, because from there every cargo is transported to other transportations such as air, road, rail and pipeline.

In nowdays ports are very important, because mainly all of the shipment is navigated through water. There are two types of ports – the ones where gulfs naturally made, and those who where artificially built. In other words they are all peculiar and unique.

Kaliningrad seaport – is a Russian port, which is located in the south-eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Also, it is the only Russian port that is ice-free. The port consist of maritime trades, marine fishing, and river ports. The seaport is located approximately 18 kilometers from Kaliningrad airport and has access to the rail and road network

The port of Kaliningrad is geographically divided into four cargo regions. Kaliningrad, Svetlovsky, The Baltics and also the Pionerkij.

The total length of docks are 17 kilometers, located in the northern half of the Kaliningrad Sea Channel, also is the estuary of Pregolya river. There are 17 different stevedoring companies which provide cargo transshipping services: oil and its products, coal, coke, timber and its industry (sawn timber, plywood, pulp, paper), ferrous metals, ferro-alloys, mineral fertilizers (liquid, dry, other packing) and also gain cargoes.

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