Self-driving car technology

Road testing. Limitations. Traffic accidents.

Imagine if you could ride in a self driving car, probably you could not imagine that, because you did not see it in real life, but it is happening in other countries. In first moments of riding in a self-driving car, your every instinct is to grab the steering wheel. But very soon you understand how the car does the thinking for you and it is incredible. Cruise's sensors, which monitor highway markings, constantly adjusted the steering to keep the vehicle centered in its lane. I will introduce self driving car technology what does it consists of, road testing, trafic accidents, limitations.

In our days it is hard to imagine or see a car witch is driving it self, probably many people would just call to police, but this is happening now, mainly in USA, and tha is no kind of magic, it started in 2012 year so now it is normal in 2015 year. First I will introduce a simple technology of robotic car, second, its limits, road testing, accidents

First, this robotic car drives it self at first look it is very strange, but when you know it is interesting, fo example a persosn sits in a car, pushes two or more buttons on his smartphones and just sites and relaxes. It works by laser help by scaning enviroment, pedestrians, traffic lights, everything, so step by step computer gets all the information and makes the car drive it self saftey obeying laws.

Conclusion, this Google‘s robotic cars more and more are geting acceptable by people, they realize this could save innocent lives and reduce fuel consumpion or deal with congestions.

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