Senukai company presentation

Uab“Senukai“. Company profile. Company history. Company‘s structure. Production. Consumers. Company strengths. Card for discounts of „Senukai“. Every month the new catalog of goods with new special suggestions. My position of the company. Thanks for watching.

This year our company participated in European Business Awards and managed to climb up to the finals where had to compete with other 678 companies from 33 countries. Even though we could not get the best company‘s title in Europe – however it‘s ambitions are high.

It‘s a company that specializes in production of construction,repairment materials, household objects, small hardware,electrical products and other items necesarry for everyday life.

This company is at the service for the variety of customers ranging from the ones who equip themselves into hausehold furnishing to the others who need some fresh changes in their basic household. Also, our company supplies other PLC companies in need for appliances and assorted tools.

The chart provides the company‘s Senukų prekybos centras, annual turnover.

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  • Senukai company presentation
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