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Seven Wonders of the World. Statue of Zeus in Olympia in Greece, which looked like a living thing. Colossus of Rhodes - Helium. a statue of the island of Rhodes. Temple of Artemis. Lighthouse of Alexandria. Mausolus. Egyptian pyramids. Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Statue of Zeus in Olympia in Greece, which looked like a living thing.

Made of gold and ivory. Zeus statue was decorated with other mythical figures: Apollo, Artemis, Niobe children. His head was decorated with olive wreath, on the right hand he was holding Victory fashioned of ivory and gold, on the left - scepter of various metal species, with an eagle at the top of the figure. Clothing decorated with carvings of animals and lilies. Throne decorated with gold and precious stones is, ebony and ivory.

Colossus of Rhodes - Helium a statue of the island of Rhodes.

33 meters in height. Inside the marble and stone. The whole statue were coated bronze and metal. It was constructed across special scaffolding to complete the upper part. when statue collapsed, several people could embrace Hand her thumb. However, scientists say that it was not of bronze, and only painted in a color.

The mausoleum stood 16 centuries in good condition before the earthquake injured his roof and colonnade. Today Bodrum castle still stands. Polished marble mausoleum and stone walls can be seen brick.

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